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Give praise in te reo Māori with these bright and colourful stickers. Featuring well known phrases, kids will be proud to receive these rewards. Ideal for teachers and educators as well as parents, they encourage children to feel good about themselves and their accomplishments.

  • Bright, colourful designs that appeal to children.
  • The sticker sheet is 63mm x 255mm high.
  • Designed in New Zealand in partnership with teachers.
  • 23 stickers featuring 7 different phrases offer you lots of choice.
  • Easy peel stickers.
  • Translations included to help you feel confident in your language usage.
  • Made from acid-free paper.

Part of the Learning Toolbox range these stickers are ideal for educational retailers.

Te reo Māori translations are:

  • KA PAI - good
  • KA PAI TO MAHI - good work
  • KA RAWE - awesome
  • KEI TE PAI - great
  • MIHARO - amazing
  • MAHI PAI - good work
  • TAU KE - awesome
  • TINO PAI - good
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