Flag NZ Māori Hang or Wear 90x150


The Tino Rangatiratanga flag is known as the Māori flag. The design represents the balance of natural forces with each other and represents Māori people as a whole. Velcro fastenings at one end make it easy to wear this flag as a cape which is perfect for celebrating Māori culture. The large size means it will make a bold statement wherever you are, fastened to the front of a house or hung from a flag pole. Folded and presented in a hangsell bag, this is easy to merchandise. Made from 100% Polyester with a fabric weight of 70g/m2 you can feel the quality of this flag. With a UV resistance level of 6-7 this fabric is designed to be used outside for up to 6 months before fading occurs. If necessary it can be washed by hand or machine, in temp. less than 45°. The fabric and ink are environmentally friendly and meet European standards. Size is 150cm wide x 90cm high.


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