Our Team

Grahame Wilson Director at Avalon International

Grahame: Managing Director of the Funhouse
Kick @#!*% master of innovation, Grahame is the guy making the wheels turn, looking for constant improvement in processes and systems to help the team get you what you want. Always learning, Martial Artist and Fishing Fiend. Call Grahame to discuss how Avalon can help you better. 09 839 2165

Jeannette: Creative Director
The genie in the Avalon lamp is Jeannette. Organised and knowledgeable, Jeannette  makes things happen. Finding the exact right product for you is her talent and she’ll make it appear as if by magic. Travelling and fine food are her passions. Call Jeannette now for your private label and promotional needs. 09 8392161

Dave: Works hard for you
Knowing that what is good for your business is good for our business, Dave works hard to provide solutions that give you the best-selling product and increased sales. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Dave knows that really listening to his customers helps him provide you the best service. Dave is passionate about his family, music and eating great food. Call Dave now on 021 918 644

Karma: Sales Superstar
Fun loving and friendly, Karma is our sales superhero. She loves to help your business by finding the right product for your needs. Her wide range of experience in New Zealand retail helps her to work with you on merchandising strategies and sales ideas as well as wining product selection. Puzzler and fun finder. Call Karma now to find the right products for you. 0272 846 266
Kim Avalon International Accounts and Customer Service

Kim: Customer Service Champion
Quick to laugh, Kim is the person who helps you get your order delivered. Warm and positive, you won’t even know when Kim has asked you for money! Fitness Junkie and Wine appreciator. Call Kim now for help with your orders 09 839 2162.


Danica: Innovative Thinking for your brand or Retail Needs.
Creative and excited to work with your brand, Danica brings out of the box thinking to help you reach the goals of your next project. Outdoorsy and adventurous, you will find Danica at a West Coast beach or creating some craft magic with her son. You can find Danica on 839 2168

Richard Avalon International Warehouse Delivers goods to you

Richard: Warehouse Big Man
With a "Can Do" attitude, Richards takes pride in running a fast, efficient warehouse. Richard’s focus is on constantly improving accuracy and delivery times. Dedicated golfer and mandarin muncher. Call Richard for all your dispatch and delivery enquiries 09 839 2167.

Junior: Warehouse 2IC
Witty Junior is our dispatcher of choice. He gets you the goods on time and in one  piece and he’ll probably throw in a few one liners while he’s doing it. Catchphrase master. He says he loves Ford but has a Mazda on the side.  

Anda: Move it, Move it!
Friendly and cheerful, Anda is the guy who gets the goods into the warehouse. Always smiling and fun to work with, Anda checks quality, making sure goods arrive to you in great condition. Proud family man, Anda's two boys are stoked their Dad works at a toy company.

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