As a kid I watched a tv show called "BEYOND 2000" all about the technology which would happen in the (distant) future. It's now well past the year 2000 and still not a flying car in sight. But the "future" is here, like it or not and technology we didn't even dream of 20 years ago is now an everyday essential.

As a New Zealand Retailer, what does this mean for you?



To compete with the ease of online shopping, "real' stores have to up their game and create a unique experience for their shoppers. Whether this means amazing customer service or instore events, retail stores need to make it worth getting out of your pjs for.

Customer Service:

There has never been a more important time to be delivering great customer service. Real relationships with your customers are the best way I have ever seen to get your customers spending money in your retail store and happily.

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Make going to your store an event - something for people to get excited about. Whether it's because yoru store is offering an in-store demonstration or a market day, the more you can make your store visit worthwhile, the more customers you will get through the doors.

How to boost sales with a sale

Make going to your store something your customers will get excited about



Stop! Collaborate and Listen. Not just an MC Hammer lyric, collaboration is a big buzz word in business right now. It's a valuable strategy for retailers. By working together there is a lot more diverse opportunities

Products that stand out:

To stay ahead of the compettion, it is vital to be offering products your customers want to purchase. New Zealand retail products must be special to get them handing over their cash. 

Voting with their dollars:

A growing trend for consumer is the realisation that how and where they spend their money is a effectively a vote for the ideals they beleive in. Click here to find out what that means for you as a New Zealand retailer.



Shopping online is convenient. You can compare prices at different stores. And you can do it at 11pm in your pyjamas with a glass of wine.

Social Media

(things like pinterest, facebook, instagram and twitter

Online stores/ Websites

Merging online and offline

(showrooming, click and collect, purchasing on mobile, connected home and smart home products

Smart Retail Business

Buying Smart

Making great buying purchases for your retail store helps you stay ahead of the competition

Why buying those cheaps toys may not be so cheap after all

Selling Strategies

Our favourite Selling Strategy Ever

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